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Summary of Developments in Information Technology and the Political, Social, and Economic Ramifications


December 01, 2006

Summary of Delicious Tagging

We hope we raised your awareness in many of the new developments in IT, and its implications on your life and our society. You might as the question of what you can do to find these articles. For that, please refer to our “Search Tip Section,” which describes efficient methods for you to find the articles.

William frequently used Google News to look for IT news. He favors Google News, because Google gives access to world-wide news, which allowed him to grasp a firm understanding of IT development in the world, not just the U.S. He also used mainstream U.S. news sites, such as NY Times Technology, CNN Technology, and technology blog cites, such as ZDNET Asia.

Or preferred tagging from CNET.com for technological news. This website provides diverse and focused news relating to IT. Furthermore, he also used Businessweek.com, Yahoo News and CNN. These sites have a vast diversity of articles relating to the IT field, so it was easy tagging ones that were focused towards our topic.

Mark used the technology pages off of BBC.com and CNN.com. These websites provided great technological news, and both had a strong emphasis on political issues in the IT world. The sites differ greatly in topics, as one is from a European approach and one from a US point of view. Furthermore, with each site you get different opinions and are provided with different stories. This made tagging for our topic interesting and convenient, especially using BBC which is inundated with articles pertaining to IT issues in world politics.

All of the news articles we came across this semester can be retrieved at our delicious account. You can go there by clicking here.

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